You need a computer connected to the Internet, microphone, a working headset and free program Skype

It’s up to you what kind of camera you want to use

Once you pass the free lesson, our manager will contact you ,you can discuss class details with him . It will help you to decide on what is the course of training that you want to take up, he will also ask you about your training schedule and type of payment. In the agreed day of the class you will be able to start the lessons.

Yes. Our school provides that opportunity. All you need is to be specific on the exact time of your activities.

Yes, of course, you can cancel a lesson any time. For you to do this, all you have to do is to notify your manager or teacher before the lesson starts and tell them that you will not be able to attend the class.

No. The payment will not be forfeited and will be credited on your next lesson

If at the schedule time you did not attend the session for 15 minutes nor you did not notify us you will be considered as absent and the money will be forfeited that is why you need to notify us ahead of time.

If it becomes impossible to conduct the lesson because of communication/Internet problems on both parties, then the lesson will be move over the next day

Do not be afraid because In our classes ,a special technique is being used .We are avoiding those scenarios that teacher and the student doesn’t understand each other . Our teachers are working with students from different countries and have extensive experience teaching on elementary level,they are well trained and well prepared to handle different kinds of students.

You will immediately hear the real English language and you will learn to recognize, pronounce English words correctly and the right enunciation of the word.